Visa Free Countries For Holders Of Nigerian Passports

As a Nigerian citizen with a Nigerian passport, there are certain countries which do not require a visa or a visa-lottery upon entry so long as you have your Nigerian passport.

However, for some of these countries, there is an estimated amount of time you are expected to spend before a visa will be demanded for. The period of days for which you can stay varies from country to country and then you would have to obtain a visa, at least this is not like a gamble when you play the visa- lottery.

The easiest way to know the visa free countries is to list all the countries you may visit visa free is to split them into continents. In the Americas you may access Barbados for six months, Dominica for 21 days, Grenada, Haiti, Saint Kitts and Nevis for three months and Turks and Caicos Islands for 30 days.

In Asia you can freely arrive in the following countries to which you will then be issued with a visa once in the country. In Azerbaijan, Laos, Macau and Timor-Leste you are granted with a 30 day visa. In Bangladesh you are granted a 90 day visa.

In Oceania you may access Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Vanuatu and Palau for 30 days, Cook Islands for 31 days, Tuvalu for one month, Samoa for 60 days and Fiji for four months.

In Africa Nigerian passport holders can visit the following countries visa-free; Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger Senegal and Uganda, basically all the West African countries.

Please note that this posted was last modified on the 5th of March 2014. Kosovo is no longer visa free for Nigerians and many African countries.

 You can also get visa-on-arrival in Kenya, see procedure here and for visa to Dubai, check here 



  1. joe says

    how do i get the nigerian passport and national identity card cause i leave out side nigeria

    • says

      It depends on the part of the world where you reside at the moment. Your best bet is to visit the closest consular office in your country of residence.

      • Josh says

        sorry Flynaija thanks for answering, but plz what do you mean by official passport? and hope my questions are not too disturbing to you. i just want to if what you mean by the official passport is the ( epassport )

        • says

          Hi Josh, we dont have a problem with the number of questions you ask, we will always respond to your questions here. Official passport holders are generally top government officials and diplomats. The ministers, National Assembly leaders, Governors and Ambassadors all use the Official Passport.

  2. Seyi says

    Hello flynaija, thanks for setting up this website. So far, I think it has proved quite useful to me.
    I thought you get visa on arrival in Kenya? Your post did not mention that. Also, do you know other countries where Nigerians can get visa on arrival?


  3. Soji says

    Thanks for the info. I intend to visit. Kenya next month.I need to know how best to go about it vis-a-vis obtaining. visa, flight fare,etc. Pls response asap.

    • says

      it is visa on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport for a fee of $50. just get your flight ticket and accommodation in Nairobi sorted out first.

  4. adejoke opakunle says

    Hello flynaija, thanks for the enlightment.Pls I want to go to kenya this month,should I just book the ticket and go or how should I go about it.

    • says

      Hello Joke, we are glad you appreciate the information on our site. You can get a visa on arrival at the airport in Nairobi. But you will have to get your hotel and flight sorted out in Nigeria before departing. If you need further clarity, please let us know.

  5. says


  6. says

    Hello there, please I want to no if Nigeria is visa free toTursk and caicos Islands ,or on arrial you need to obtain a visa and which airline fry from Nigeria to tursk and caicos islands. please need answer from you. thank

  7. says

    hello mr, i went to kosovo from jordan with 4$ usa dollars, and they send me back… don’t advice ppl to go there please… u need invitation letter from kosovo before you can go there.


      We dont have details on moving from Ghana to Uganda. Why dont you ask your friend that invited you, he could be of help

  8. seye says

    Hello sir,please I intend travelling to Barbados,hope I won’t encounter any problem?since its visa free for Nigerians…and what are the requirements?thank u.

    • says

      1. Nigerian do not need visa for Barbados and they are allowed to stay for 4weeks but your stay can be extended once in the country and the extension can be done at the immigration office in Barbados.

      2. You will need a UK transit visa if you are flying through virgin Atlantic or British airways (they both pass through London) or American airline which will require American airport transit.

      3. You need proof of return ticket, hotel/accommodation and sufficient fund for the period you are stay.

      4. Ticket cost N300, 000 and above depending on the time you book.


      Mozambique is free on arrival for Nigerians and you are allowed to stay for 30 days. All you need to get is your hotel and travel ticket.

      • Flavour Hood says

        Mozambique is not visa free, u get ur visa on arrival, visa free and visa on arrival is different thing

  9. says

    Hello, I want to go to Seychelles and Georgia, Kindly advise what and what document do i have to go along with in other not to be reject at entry. The BTA and if i will need an invitation letter from someone inside the country.

  10. Benjamin says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please i need your help on the issues stated below.

    1) Please i would like you to confirm if truly a Nigerian passport holder can actually travel to LAOS without visa as at now.

    2) I am a Nigerian, currently in Nepal with a tourist visa, can i travel to LAOS straight from here or will must come back tO Nigeria and travel to LAOS.

    Please your prompt response will go a long way to help me now.

    God bless you all. Looking forward to read from you.

    • says

      Yes, you can travel from Nigeria to Laos with a Nigerian passport to Laos without a visa. You will have to contact the consulate in Nepal to confirm if you can travel from Nepal to Laos. Its not same rule that applies to travelers from Nigeria that will work from Nepal. We hope this helps

  11. Victor Udi says

    Hello flynaija. i have been reading all the post here and i am very impressed. thank you so much for enlightening everyone here about travel matters. Pls i would love to travel to a country in Oceania. but i don’t really know which of the countries will be okay for me. But i believe you know better as you are into this. pls can you advice me which country will be easy for me to go? i am a Nigerian living here, and i play football. pls can you advice me? thanks God bless you


      We are glad to know you are enjoying our blog :-) For us to really help you, you will have to provide us with the specific country you would like to visit. We are not in the best position to tell you where to visit. We hope you understand our stand. thank you.

  12. Sammy says

    I intend to travel on a tourist to Kenya since its a visa free country, what do i do and what airline goes to Kenya from Nigeria. If possible, affordable hotels with tourist drive around services. Thank you

  13. sharon says

    Hello Flynaija, I would like to Visit Tanzania, do I need a Visa? Or would i get the visa on arrival? if so, how much is it?


      All you need to do is to buy your ticket, Kenya allows visa-on-entry for Nigeria. When you get to Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, you will be granted visa and you will pay a token.

      • nda says

        How can i travel to northern turkey since i have a Cameroon passport, do i need an invitation letter? I also want to know if is visa free to Cameroon passport holders

  14. bolaji says

    good dey flyniaja i’m bolaji by name i want to travel to angola how can move or is it visa issued on arrival or i need to get visa first…..


      We will do a post on that very soon, kindly subscribe to our blog with your email to get updates. Thank you.

  15. adegbaju kunle says

    am adegbaju kunle pls am in dubai n i wnt to visit georgia hw would i get there pls


      If you have UAE resident VISA, you can get VISA on arrival in Georgia. i would suggest you to call Georgia Border Police to confirm above on 00 995 322418515. Also, if you have invitation letter it will be helpful.

  16. ERIC says


  17. Emperor says

    please this issue of visa on arrival for Nigerians going to Cambodia, does it mean that I can just buy a flight ticket and go there once I have my international passport
    reply will be best appreciated via .

  18. says

    i have applied for two weeks Azibanjija visa online and i printed out the result, pls tell me the amount i need to get the visa on arrival, the hotel booking and pocket money for my stay

  19. Prince Blessed Okechukwu says

    flynaija God bless you for existing… pls how do go to Fiji from Nigeria?.. a quick response will be appreciated

  20. Alalade Oluwakemi Seun says

    How can i get my Nigeria Passport and how much it is?
    moreso, can i visited any country of my choice?

  21. Kingsley says

    I have a friend who wants to travel from Nigeria to Malaysia, but don’t know how to go about it. Please help me.

  22. warw says

    can you please check and re post the visa free countries for Nigerian as everything have changed now not too sure but think it changed some countries no longer visa free again in america


      Although visa applications can be accepted from anyone physically present in the United States, however, if you are not a permanent resident in the U.S. you should be aware that the interviewing officers’ unfamiliarity with local conditions in your country may make it more difficult to demonstrate your qualifications for a visa.

      But if you are a temporary resident, you may wish to consider applying for a visa in your country of permanent residence (Nigeria) where you will be best able to establish your qualifications for a visa.

  23. ukachi christian agwu says

    Good day i want to know if Nigeria can travel form Qatar to Barbados and all so i want know if is free visa to Nigerians to Barbados

  24. kolade says

    Do i need to obtain visa to travel to Tanzania as a Nigerian? or it will be given at the point of entry. thank you

  25. Samson says

    Hello flynaija, I’m really glad with the good site you have put up here to help those of us who needs a valuable advice on travel and holidays, God will always bless you, I have been reading an article on how to travel to Cambodia and i learnt that its a visa on arrival, Pls correct me if am wrong, While reading i also get a very detailed info which says (1) The tourist visa will be issued to you on arrival at a cost of $20 at Phnom Penh International Airport, entitles its bearer to remain in the country for one month. This can be renewed only once without having to depart the country, My question here is does it means that if i get over there i can only be given a grace to remain in the country only not less than one month and i can’t extend it??? and if i can extend for how long??? And on the second side (2) A business visa is mentioned, and this is what it read, it gets me confused, In order to remain in the country for longer than two months or to work, you will require a Business Visa. Like the tourist visa, an initial business visa can be obtained on arrival at Phnom Penh airport at a cost of $25. You will need to have indicated on the visa application form provided to you by your airline by marking the appropriate business visa box, and presented it along with your passport (which must be valid for at least six months and have at least one empty page) together with a passport-sized photograph, The initial business visa is valid for only one month but can be extended in-country for periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. However be aware that the 1 and 3 month extensions are only single entry whereas the 6 and 12 month extensions permit multiple entries/exits without invalidating the visa. What got me wallowed up here is the word used initial business visa, In my own understanding does it mean that when buying my ticket i have to notify my flight booking agent to prepare a check box in the ticket to indicate that i will need a business visa?? If so which means when i get over i will just say i need a business visa and got nothing to do with the tourist visa then??? Pls advice me and explain to me better, Some countries need much process to give a person a business visa for multiply entry but in this case it seems simply and so confusing, You may also want to email me, Here my personnel email address:, I will be looking forward to your reply and clarification, Thanks so much..

  26. Edebiri Festus says

    Do i need visa for my Nigeria international passport to travel to Georgia and Lebanon?

  27. Edebiri Festus says

    Do i need visa for my Nigeria international passport to travel to Georgia and Lebanon?

  28. anonymous says

    Hi i would like to know how long can nigerians be in singapore with a visa from qatar

  29. Dammy says

    Will i need to get entry visa from Nigeria to Dubai or i will have to get the visa here with all the requirement.

  30. Kelvin says

    As a Nigerian passport holder what do i need to obtain when traveling by road from Zimbabwe to SA ?

    • says

      Hello Kelvin, we don not know the requirements for road travels but since you reside in Zimbabwe, you should be able to ask around from fellow citizens.

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